Bell Schedule
COVID Schedule

Bell Schedule Regular School Day
8:40AM - 3:30PM

The school day begins at 8:40AM.  All students should be in class at that time.

1st Period 8:40AM - 9:40AM 
2nd Period  9:43AM - 10:33AM
3rd Period 10:36AM - 11:27AM
4th Period  11:30AM - 12:45PM
A Lunch 11:30AM - 11:55AM
B Lunch 12:20PM - 12:45PM
5th Period 12:48PM - 1:38PM
6th Period 1:41PM - 2:31PM
7th Period  2:34PM - 3:30PM

Two Hour Late Bell Schedule
10:40AM - 3:30PM

1st Period 10:40AM - 11:15AM
2nd Period 11:18AM - 11:53AM
3rd Period 11:53AM - 12:53PM
A Lunch 11:53AM - 12:18PM
B Lunch 12:28PM - 12:53PM
4th Period 12:55PM - 1:30PM
5th Period 1:35PM - 2:15PM
6th Period 2:18PM - 2:53PM
7th Period 2:56PM - 3:30PM

Two Hour Early Dismissal Bell Schedule
8:40AM - 1:30PM

1st Period  8:40AM - 9:15AM
2nd Period 9:18AM - 9:53AM
3rd Period 9:56AM - 10:31AM
4th Period 10:34AM - 11:34AM
A Lunch 10:34AM - 10:59AM
B Lunch 11:09AM - 11:34AM
5th Period 11:37AM - 12:12PM
6th Period 12:15PM - 12:50PM
7th Period 12:53PM - 1:30PM