B. Williams

Hello, personal finance students! I have left your NEW personal finance assignments on Look under courses " Keys to your future". registration number is 76c7f9c1. It is the NEW program available to you in Everfi at this time.  I have pre-registered all my students and you will use your same students login and password that you did for the personal finance work we did earlier this year together in class.  Call the school and leave me a message, or email me for a fast response,( ! if you forgot your password or are experiencing any difficulty! Please, login to '' I left a copy of my passwords in a red folder in my mailbox at school. Call 853-2923 if you forgot. Remember, Every 2 weeks it is my expectation that you will complete 2 modules of work at a grade of 70% or higher.  Weeks 1 and 2, require you to complete the first 2 modules in everfi.. Then the second two weeks, you will complete modules 3 and 4 ( not counting your Easter week) and for then the next 2 weeks you will complete units 5 and 6. Preparing you for career readiness and a job! Packets are for review only! At some point you will need to do your KEYS TO YOUR FUTURE modules in Everfi.  4th grading period grades. You can call FPA 540 853 2923, 8:40 to 3:30.  Thinking of you daily, keep practicing  your social distancing! This to will pass along with time and 2019-2020 will soon be all over! Wishing the best for each of you as you all have touched my heart this year! Stay Strong! Should you need to register in, the registration number is 76c7f9c1. Goodluck,email me back for extra credit points! Send me best phone number to reach you and check your student emails and teacher page in your FPA web page. Go Forest Park!! Go FPA SENIORS