Mrs. Kisha Kyle

Welcome to Mrs. Kyle’s Computer Courses

Computer Information Systems

Digital Applications

Principles of Business and Marketing

About me:

I started teaching on the college level in 2002 and worked my way up to Director of Education until my school closed in 2017.  At that time, I started subbing through ESS for Roanoke City Public School and was asked to apply to become a full-time teacher. I was hired and assigned to Forest Park Academy in 2019.

I am originally from Portsmouth Virginia (the beach), however, I have been here in Roanoke Virginia (the mountains) since 2003.

I have an Associates (2001), Bachelors (2007), and Masters (2011) in Computer and Information Science.

I love riding motorcycles.  When I am not teaching, I am either riding my motorcycle or doing community service work. I LOVE helping people and that is why I LOVE education so much.

Please feel free to contact me at

Forest Park Academy

1.  Message through Canvas
2.  (540) 853-2923 x.4431; 2:35 pm to 3:15 pm or by appointment
3.  [email protected]
4. Text ONLY to 540-947-1144

Class Schedule for 2022-2023

1st -  Business and Marketing
2nd - Digital Applications
3rd - Business
4th - Digital Applications
5th - Digital Applications
6th - Computer Information Systems
7th - Planning (open for calls)

Also, we will be testing for your VDOE Industry Certification in Workplace Readiness in all classes. The computer classes will have the opportunity to take the Microsoft Certifications as well.  Please remember, you will need at least one industry certification to graduate.  So, let’s come to school prepared and willing to learn.

** Classwork will be completed in Canvas and all books are web-based, so if you are not in school for any reasons, you will always have access to the materials.