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                        Hello Biology and Ecology Students!

Please go online for Plato, (or pick up packets ONLY if you don't have wi-fi access)- instructions:   

While schools are closed, I've placed courses in Plato for you.
A. If you are Currently Enrolled in Biology:
    Biology 2nd Semester 4th 9 Weeks Barker
B. If you are recovering Semester One Biology: 
    Biology 1st Semester 2nd 9 Weeks Barker
C. If you are Currently Enrolled in Ecology:
    Ecology 2nd Semester 4th 9 Weeks Barker
D. If you are recovering Semester One Ecology:
    Ecology 1st Semester Barker
If you do not have Internet access, a packet will be available in the Main Office. Call during office hours to pick one up.
    *853-2923, for packet pick-up.
I hope you and your family are well and safe! Mrs. Barker

 Wed., 5-6-20: Awesome Owl and Falcon Pellet Casting:

Falcon  Casting cam:

Pellet casting video: 

     Wed., 4-29-20: Fun web cams: Eagles and Baboons and Polar Bears, Oh, My! 

Richmond Falcon Cam- on the roof of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries- the falcons are sitting on four eggs.  They should hatch between May 10 and 12.

Bald Eagle Nest in New Jersey with two BIG chicks:

Baboon Cam at the San Diego Zoo

Polar Bear Cam at the San Diego Zoo

  Tuesday, 4-21-20   For your health: There was an article yesterday about a research study at UVA that linked our body’s ability to fight things like the corona virus to exercise and physical fitness.  The research suggests that even a single session of exercise increases production of an antioxidant that Dr. Yan at UVA suggests helps us defend ourselves from disease. Get some exercise! :-) 

  Tuesday, 4-14- 20  When you need a fun rest break, check out the Smithsonian Webcams for:  Cheetah cubs; Naked Mole Rats; Lions; Giant Panda; Elephants!

 Tuesday, 4-1-20: Happy April Fools Day!

Enjoy these Peregrine falcons on the nest (soon to lay an egg!) Not fooling!
   Thursday, 3-26-20:
  Wi-fi Problems? Log in to your laptop at FPA . It should work after that. If not, swap for another laptop: call FPA at 853-292
3 to get another. 
See RCPS > What's New > Coronavirus for free wi-fi information!!                                              

More links by course:                                                            

1. Ecology: Learning Tree- Activities to do at home

-Activities on plants, animals, recycling and the environment
2. Biology: 

Virginia Wildlife Magazine

-The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has uploaded the most recent issues of their magazine, Virginia Wildlife, for students to read.
  Monday, 3-23-20: Here are some links for you to enjoy:

1. (Ecology- Climate Change! NOAA Climate Information

-data and explanations on climate around the world. Interactive data maps.

2.  NOAA Ocean Explorer at

-lots of video clips of undersea exploration. Check out the “tug o’ War!”

3. Games at NOAA

-Lots of games with science education themes

4. (Ecology Climate Change and more!) NOAA Ocean and Atmosphere at 

-Resources on our oceans and the atmosphere

5. Nature Works at

-resources and virtual field trips all over the world

6. Science and Math Simulations at

-interactive simlations in science and math



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